Meet the Critics

Who’s to blame for all this film criticism? Why, these fine folk!


Lee Brady

Founder, budding screenwriter and musician. He’s also worked on a few short films; one almost won an Oscar. Has a degree in something. Loves Sonic the Hedgehog so much he used to run a fan-forum.


Shane Brady

A musician, cold-hearted accountant and a one-time marathon runner. A triple-threat. Thinks Jurassic World was brilliant.


Maria Mallon

Veteran of the film industry, she’s a graphic designer with credits in all sorts of things. Used to speak Elvish.


Darren Moore

English with Creative Writing student. Well spoken; suspiciously competent writer. Preferred First Avenger to Winter Soldier.


Lawrence Murchan

Thawed from an ancient block of ice sometime in the mid-nineties. Since, he’s been working on acquiring a computer science degree. Has seen The Raid movies one-hundred times each, so he probably knows kung-fu, watch out!


Aisling McGreevy

Creative Writer turned Film Critic. Unrepentant nerd, unbearably pleasant. Has a considerable collection of movie-themed dresses.